This project aims to provide a generic implementation for HTML test reports.

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Difido Reports

This project aims to provide a flexible, realtime HTML report for various functional test automation frameworks.

The solution is composed of different components

Difido Report Server

The server allows creation of HTML reports in a central location instead of the local file system of each machine that executes the tests. The server allows connection using a simple REST API and receives the JSONS as the data. In addition, the server stores the data in an embedded Elasticsearch. This allow users to create complex queries on the tests results and even use solutions such as Kibana to visualize the data.

The main features of the server are:

Framework binders

Difido NUnit

A binding for NUnit, the C# open source test automation framework. The binder allows creating a local HTML reports or/and send the reports to the Difido server

Difido TestNG

A binding for TestNG, the popular Java test automation framework. At this stage allows creating of only local reports.


The JSystem binding exists but it is part of the JSystem project.


Bugs and feature requests are acceptible via GitHub issues